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  • Dres


    Latino (he, him, él). Digital nomad. I write about LGBTQ+ media representation, issues of race in the U.S., and stigma around men’s mental health.

  • Alexander Petrovnia

    Alexander Petrovnia

    I am a disabled binary trans man who primarily writes about feminism, queer history, trans issues, science communication, healthy masculinity and public health.

  • Nicole Stewart

    Nicole Stewart

    Subtle. Sweet. Sapphic.

  • Kevin M. Casin

    Kevin M. Casin

    Cuban-Colombian-American heart scientist and writer of speculative and literary fiction | Codexian | Stories in If There’s Anyone Left, Prism & Pen, From the Fa

  • Chandler Myer

    Chandler Myer

    Middle-aged, New England writer who loves to walk, travel, and observe life. Focus on the positive. Writer of fiction, LGBT, atheism. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🌈

  • The Transgender Therapist

    The Transgender Therapist

    Queer, trans, white therapist living in the Pacific Northwest. I write about relationships, poetry, philosophy, mental health, queer stuff and more.

  • Deepak Purti

    Deepak Purti

  • Molly Martin

    Molly Martin

    I’m a long-time tradeswoman activist and retired electrician/electrical inspector in San Francisco.

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